How strong is your Google Index Marketing?

Search your brand's name or your company's name or your personal name on Google and see what comes up!

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GIM = Google Index Marketing

1. Google your brand's name or your company's name or even your personal name, and see what comes up on Google search results. This will be your current status, visibility, power, trust level, and everything else what your leads, clients, investors, and even friends and family see.

2. Publish more content online through media websites and get your content displayed in a serious way to show that your name is strong and reputable. Notice that this is extremely important when dealing internationally, because people and companies from other countries and cities will Google your name and what they find about you is crucial as it directly affects the business.

3. Have you published more content online? Great. Now Google your brand again and see what result comes up. Is it good enough? Does it bring out the trust of the brand and your business strenghts? Is there something more you could do to improve it? Then publish more and measure again.

About:Google Index Marketing

Google Index Marketing (GIM) concept was created by investor relations and public relations expert and professional advertiser, Paulius Stankevicius. GIM can be applied to any individual, a startup, NGO, SME, large enterprise or government entity with the purpose of brand development on Google search.

Pricing (spending budgets)

GIM spending budgets can be segmented into different categories. If you are beginner with Google Indexed Marketing, starting with a Starter package for one-time purchases is just enough to see quick and early results. If your brand has existing experience with GIM already, going for Professional package with more sustainable and continuous publishing is recommended.


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$1,000 - $5,000


$5,000 - $50,000

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